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Activation Support Professionals: Top 8 Core Competencies

by KnowledgeStaff
August 29, 2017


One of the greatest keys to success in any Activation or Go-Live support project are the quality and caliber of your Activation Support consultants. We have heard the stories of personal trainers with no EMR experience being assigned based on the fact that the word “trainer” appeared on their resumes. Or brand new activation consultants with only a train-the-trainer session under their belts withering under the pressure of the clinical staff’s questions and requests.

As part of our continuous improvement program, KnowledgeStaff recently conducted an analysis to identify the core competencies of high-performing Activation and Go-Live Support professionals. The results have been incorporated into our recruitment and selection process to better ensure the success of our activation support engagements.

The following are the Top 8 core competencies found to be embodied in high-performing Activation Support consultants:

Adaptability and Flexibility: The demonstrated ability to adapt to changes in technology and work environment. Effectively manages competing requests and demands and quickly adjusts to changes, delays, breakdowns, or unexpected events. Maintains a calm demeanor in stressful situations and readily modifies their behavior based on changing situations. “Rolls easily with the punches.”

 Demonstrates effective skill in oral communication and can effectively express oneself in one-on-one and group settings. Skillfully organizes their ideas and checks in to make sure that their communication is understood and satisfactory.

 Exhibits the ability to put themselves into the shoes of the staff they are supporting. Perceives, understands and commiserates with the feelings and attitudes of others. Treats others as they would wish to be treated.

Emotional Control:
 Having the ability to maintain focus and a professional demeanor when faced with stressful or conflicting situations. When challenging situations arise, they consistently react objectively and rationally, rather than emotionally.

Personal Accountability and Dependability:
 Consistently takes personal responsibility for their business performance and personal conduct. Avoids shifting the blame to others. Is recognized as a solution provider. Reliably follows instructions and responds to client and management directions. Takes responsibility for their own actions and factors in “what if” scenarios to ensure that they are able to deliver on their commitments. When breakdowns occur, takes ownership of the breakdown and sees to a successful resolutions. Consistently completes tasks on time and as promised.

Customer Satisfaction Orientation:
 Recognizes and maintains focus on the assessments of the customer. Understands the distinction of internal and external customers and effectively serves both. Recognizes that customer satisfaction can change rapidly and maintains ongoing sensitivity to customer needs and satisfaction. Consistently produces win-win situations.

 Consistently and on an ongoing basis exhibits high level of ethics, integrity and honesty. Values their word and keeps commitments; Produces trust in co-workers, managers, clients, and “customers.” Recognizes that trust is earned on a daily basis. Can be relied on to tell the whole truth.

Technical Aptitude:
 Demonstrates the proven ability to learn and master new tools, technologies, concepts, and applications quickly and efficiently. Consistently emerges as a go-to person when technical questions arise. Is comfortable saying “I don’t know” but shows dogged determination in searching out the answers.

How do these core competencies match-up with the top activation consultants you know?